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About me

Hello! I'm Poppy and I'm so pleased to have you here. 


I'm mum to a three year old whirlwind, guardian of two house cats, one very grumpy and one who has more fluff than brain cells.  Partner to a long suffering fabricator who has absolutely no interest in flowers!


Path to Flowers

We've all got a personal story as to why we do what we do. My path to floristry started during the pandemic.  Following a house move and a pretty brutal dose of post natal depression and anxiety I had to take stock of what meant the most to me about my life.  Throwing myself into gardening I realised that creativity, flexibility and working with nature were crucial to my wellbeing.  


Resigning from my corporate life I embarked on a journey through gardening, growing cut flowers for sale and then landing on floral design.  Now I can't quite believe it took me so long to find this dream vocation!  

What is most important to me as your wedding florist?

Having taken the time to reflect on the things that are really important to me I have narrowed down the elements that are vital to my business, hopefully sharing this will allow you to get to know me a little better and visualise how my approach to floristry could help bring your floral dreams to life!



Forging genuine connections with my couples is really important to me.  Learning about who you are, what is important to you and your own individual style enables me to create meaningful wedding flowers for your big day.  I want your flowers to really speak to your soul rather than be a carbon copy of something from Pnterest!



The floral industry was born from the natural world, a celebration of the beauty in nature.  I continue to be inspired by our British countryside and untamed gardens, my designs are created to look as if they belong in a space and have been elevated by a sprinkling of magic.  I work very hard to support nature through my own garden but also by carefully selecting the blooms I purchase and utilising sustainable floristry techniques.



I have always been creative, and creating meaningful floral design is such a huge joy.  I love to work with couples who want something a little different, designs that reflect their own individual personalities.  My couples have an idea how they want their wedding to feel, then trust me to bring their vision to life, I throw my whole self into each brief and am always dreaming of new designs, new colour combinations and textures to weave magic through your day.  

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